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If You Build It …

Some would call it putting the cart before the horse.

Allow me to preface this post with a little background about myself. I have terrible memory issues. This began occurring right after I had my first child. I believe part of it is being tired all the time, and also due to the literally hundreds of interruptions I get throughout the day. If a thought comes into my head, I need to write it down right away or it’s gone forever. The same is true during conversations – I interrupt people, which I hate to do, but if I don’t interrupt the second the thought comes into my head, that thought is lost in the black hole that is my brain.

I get ideas for writing all the time. I’ve taken to stashing sticky note pads strategically around the house so when these ideas pop into my head, I can jot them down immediately before they’re forgotten. These go in my pocket, and at the end of the day, into a writing notebook.

Bigger ideas, like establishing a writing career, don’t necessarily get forgotten, but they do get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday motherhood. If I don’t nurture these dreams, they will fall by the wayside. Time is a taker, never a giver, and the two years I’ve wasted ‘getting around to’ writing I will never get back.

So what’s to prevent the same thing from happening now?  A spurt of writing and being serious about my writing career followed by another two years of being Super Mom just isn’t an option again. I don’t want to wake up one day, seventy years old, and realize I’ve just frittered away a huge chunk of my life with nothing to show for it. Which brings me back to putting the cart before the horse.

I created this website/blog for the purpose of promoting the books that I haven’t even written in the hopes that time and money spent doing these things will require of me the effort needed to make those books happen. It’s one thing to waste time, but to waste money too is just enough push to keep me going. If I build my website, my brand, my marketing, this ghost of a career, I will write the books to fill that cart and get it behind the horse where it belongs.

This website is my sticky note.


My novel is at a mere 31,000 words, needs to be finished, needs to be polished, and yet here I sit, blogging, looking at Twitter, FB, Goodreads, etc.  Meanwhile, the November 15 deadline for this year’s Golden Hearts contest is looming.

My first manuscript is kind of like a first marriage – just get the first one over with, and you can move on to bigger and better things. Kudos to those of you out there that got the right guy the first time around. I got the guy that cheated. It happens. And just like that first marriage, my heart is no longer in this first manuscript. It’s been two years and I have a million other ideas stacking up, waiting in the wings. But I can’t bring myself to let go of this first one until it’s done.

Time for me to go stick a fork in it.

Beginner’s Blunder

I considered not putting this out there – do I really want people to know just how ignorant I am?  But in hindsight, it’s really quite humorous, so why not?

When I first started writing two years ago, I was afraid I’d read a book and inadvertently get an idea (steal a plot) to use in my own manuscript.  So for the next two years I avoided reading any fiction, especially romance.  Or almost as bad, worry I’d see ideas from my own manuscript already in print in someone else’s book, which would likely piss me off and compel me to go back and rewrite the story differently.

Then I learned that not only is it normal to do those things (read a LOT, steal a plot) but almost encouraged.  Who knew?

So now that I feel free to read romance books again, I wonder what effect that will have on my time spent writing.  Will it be just one more excuse to not be writing?  Will I get even more ideas of plots for future manuscripts?  Because I already have a notebook full of other ideas just waiting to become a story.  I wish I could clone myself and have multiple manuscripts going at once.  Too bad I can’t just sell ideas for a living!