Beginner’s Blunder

I considered not putting this out there – do I really want people to know just how ignorant I am?  But in hindsight, it’s really quite humorous, so why not?

When I first started writing two years ago, I was afraid I’d read a book and inadvertently get an idea (steal a plot) to use in my own manuscript.  So for the next two years I avoided reading any fiction, especially romance.  Or almost as bad, worry I’d see ideas from my own manuscript already in print in someone else’s book, which would likely piss me off and compel me to go back and rewrite the story differently.

Then I learned that not only is it normal to do those things (read a LOT, steal a plot) but almost encouraged.  Who knew?

So now that I feel free to read romance books again, I wonder what effect that will have on my time spent writing.  Will it be just one more excuse to not be writing?  Will I get even more ideas of plots for future manuscripts?  Because I already have a notebook full of other ideas just waiting to become a story.  I wish I could clone myself and have multiple manuscripts going at once.  Too bad I can’t just sell ideas for a living!

One thought on “Beginner’s Blunder

  1. Again, its so funny, because we sound like the same person. My idea for my book came to me out of nowhere but I have to admit that my new found love for the romance genre (thank you 50 Shades of Grey, etc) had me saying to myself, “everyone’s doing it, why can’t I?” So I tried, never thinking it would amount to a good story, and just couldn’t stop writing. I know I haven’t put it out there to critics who’s opinions matter in the business, but when my friends read it they loved it; the story, the characters, the writing and all. And I have to trust that they wouldn;t throw me out there to the wolves telling me it was worthy if it wasn’t. That being said, reading is definitely different for me now. I still love to get lost in a book, but now I find myself saying “oh, that was a good way to describe that” or “oh man, why didn’t I think of that?” So, I will definitely continue reading (just finished Beautiful Disaster…awesome read!!!), but sometimes I used that as my sanity break for a little while, if that makes sense.

    Good luck with everything!!!

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