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O Motivation, Wherefore Art Thou? (Just Do It!)

My kids show me the strangest YouTube videos sometimes. Recently, they showed me the following video, and we giggled quite a bit over it.

But then I realized something strange was happening when I watched it – it was shaming me, SHAMING me. Whispering in my ear “stop watching silly videos and get to work.”

As an Indie author, and as I’ve mentioned before, I am my own boss, and lately I’ve been a very bad boss. I read on a writers’ forum something to the effect “if you showed up at a full-time job and worked for an hour, maybe two, then said ‘hey, boss, I’ve met my daily quota, I’m outie (outtie? whatever),’ and called it quits for the day, you wouldn’t have that job very long.” Essentially, I’m close to firing myself.

Lots of writers get frustrated with their WIPs, get stuck at the dreaded writer’s block, get burned out, get bogged down in real life or social media or hundreds of daily emails they (I?) feel compelled to read, and yet kick themselves repeatedly when they watch other writers moving on, stacking up their successes, turning their words into an honest living. Where’s the motivation gone?

Sometimes, one silly little video, while giving you giggling fits, can also be your daily inspiration to get back on the horse. Here it is (WARNING – don’t have your speakers too loud):


Shia LaBeouf “Just Do It” Motivational Speech